Our core policy is in our mission statement with regards to all matters and decisions made within Parliament and within the party. Our intentions are for our nation to be run in an ideologically consistent manner in which the interests of Australians and our constitution are considered of the utmost importance.

Outlined here are the three vital areas of reform Fortitude has identified as well as a brief insight into our policies. We are currently working on our full manifesto in consultation with our party leadership, concerned members and the public.  At this stage these are core priorities of reform and visions on a few subjects that will later be expanded upon. In the near future we will have a complete manifesto covering a broad range of issues the affect every day Australians who are concerned for the future of their nation.


-An immediate stop on all further Muslim immigration.

-Cease construction of all Mosques – destroy plans for new Mosques.

-Cross examination of all members of Parliament / members of the institutions and community groups with significant influence over local government and the public education curriculum.

-Relegation of all members of Parliament / members of the institutions and community groups found to be in violation of the Australian constitution and using their influence to undermine or deconstruct the Australian Nationality.

-A complete reformation of the public education curriculum – to re-initiate an education for the development and strengthening of the Nation – to replace the indoctrination system which today passes as education.

-A federal indictment for conspiracy and treason to be issued to mainstream media organs suspected of undermining and deconstructing the Australian Nationality.

Mission Statement

Core Policy
Every decision for the Nation must be made in accordance with our founding document, our Constitution of 1901. This belief is made for the continuing benefit of Health, Strength, Beauty, Prosperity and Sovereignty of our Nation. Our Nation's Sovereignty is defined legally by our Constitution.

Our Reforms

Tax Reform
Currently the burden of tax wrongfully lies on the Australian worker, small business owner and sole proprietor, and not the large and often internationally owned corporation. A government of the people must represent the people, not the interests of the financial elite.

Our tax code must be simplified and enforced, the Australian worker, small business owner and sole proprietor is disadvantaged by our current system as he/she cannot afford a team of lawyers to explore loopholes, while the large corporation avoids paying their fair share of tax via this method and via moving large sums of money overseas by off shoring profits to shell corporations within tax havens.

-Reform and simplify Australian Tax Law
-Enforce the Law
-Restrict off shoring of profits
-Shift the burden of tax from the Australian worker to the international corporation
-Have a consistent tax rate between business and income

Companies that have avoided paying the current profit tax will be audited and forced to either pay the sum owed over a reasonable time, or their assets will be seized and their competitors will take their market share.

Inevitably this will encourage growth of our free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit of Australian small business and help revitalise Australia's self sufficiency within the 'National Free Market Economy', over international corporations.

Immigration Reform
The current level of immigration is not in the best interests of the Australian people and is merely a replacement of the Australian people. We believe there are 4 main types of immigration.

-Skilled labour from the developed world
-Skilled labour from the undeveloped world
-Unskilled labour from the developed world
-Unskilled labour from the undeveloped world

Firstly we must understand what the purpose of immigration is, and what type of immigration fits our need.

The purpose of immigration is to improve the standard of living, the level of skills, the overall prosperity and the economic and cultural strength of the Nation. Our current system for the past several decades has seen a huge increase in skilled and unskilled immigration from 10,000's to 100,000's and close to reaching 300,000 persons per year. These numbers need to be reduced to a healthy and sustainable number, the exact number of persons is negotiable, ranging in the low 10,000's instead of the 100,000's with social and environmental considerations in mind, the type of immigration and the purpose of immigration is absolutely non-negotiable and we will be completely uncompromising  on this issue.

Unskilled labour does not benefit the National community
-It drives down the wages of the working class Australians and our lowest income earners
-It creates a foreign underclass within our nation that is unhealthy for its social cohesion
-The main benefactors of such irresponsible policy are the financial elite whose influence is detrimental to the future of our Nation

Skilled labour from the undeveloped world has been pushed to the Australian people as a good thing for a long time, as it allegedly fills the gaps in the shortages of highly skilled professionals (doctors, engineers, lawyers etc). However taking skilled persons from undeveloped nations has several negative impacts.

-Taking the highly skilled, highly motivated professionals of the developing world is detrimental to the development of these poorer nations, it is unethical to entice doctors and other medical staff to come to Australia when these countries actually have a shortage
- A large segment of these foreign skilled professionals work in fields they are not trained in as they can earn more money working unskilled labour in Australia, than in their own country developing it and improving the standard of living for their fellow countrymen
-Our best and brightest students that have sacrificed years of hard study or work, put themselves in $10,000's of individual debt are being pushed out of work by foreign professionals who will often work for less and have not the same level of qualification or standard of work.

A small amount of skilled labour immigration to quickly fill the gaps of lacking industry specific skills is necessary, however the long term solution is to train our own students and workers to fill these positions where applicable.

Our obligation to the notion of humanitarianism is to keep skilled people from the undeveloped world in their respective nations as these are the people with the skills, the energy and the determination to fix their countries and improve the health and strength of their people.

In summary
-Huge reduction in the volume of immigration
-Only accept skilled labour in the areas we have a skill shortage, from candidates who competently speak our national language, English.
-Only accept immigration from nations with a similar standard of living to ours, as an obligation to improve the developing world

Welfare Reform (Personal)
The goal of welfare is to temporarily support Australians while they are out of work, until they find work. It is the responsibility of the Individual to financially support themselves and their family, welfare must always remain as a safety net, temporarily.

When you are taking the tax payers money, they get a say in what you spend it on, more importantly, what you do NOT spend it on. Our good nature in regards to welfare is decaying and the 'Welfare State' is being taken advantage of.

We must put an end to this damaging culture while still protecting legitimate Welfare candidates.

-End the Welfare state and the culture that surrounds it
-End middle class welfare
-Introduce a technology based welfare system (welfare debit card) which limits recipients from purchasing alcohol, tobacco or other non essential products.
-Introduce a 'work for the dole' scheme for Monday and Friday for recipients who are unemployed for 6 months or longer. Work would be centred around maintenance and repair of roads, and cleaning graffiti for example

We believe that the illegal drug trade is heavily dependent on our welfare culture, putting an end to this destructive culture will starve organised crime of victims.

Welfare Reform (Corporate)
The current Liberal/Labour party paradigm preaches the notion of "free trade", especially when accepting foreign "free trade" deals which benefit Australia very little and often not at all, mostly at the cost of Australian Manufacturing.

The concept of free trade or the free market implies no government intervention, something our current government preaches but does not practice. While personal welfare is a growing burden on the Australian economy, so is corporate welfare.

If we are going to subsidise business and interfere in the market we should be wise with the money we invest and must have a return on the investment. We should focus our resources on subsidising Australian manufacturing and agriculture and not pouring money into large energy, mining and banking corporations.

Our Vision

Simply, we must increase the amount of hands putting money into the pot, while decreasing the amount of hands taking money out. See Tax Reform and Welfare Reform respectively.

With the collapse of our manufacturing and recently our car industry, combined with the increase in social expenditure, unwise subsidies and selling our national assets, the resource rich and hardworking nation of Australia is on a crash course to the something similar to the Greek financial crisis of 2009-2015.

This must be avoided at all costs via;
-Tax and Welfare Reform
-Protecting our industry
-By redirecting Corporate subsidies to key industries we can dominate on an international level via 'economy of scale' methods
-Stop the selling of our national assets, specifically infrastructure
-Heavily Regulate foreign ownership, specifically Chinese ownership of our agriculture
-Every Australian must motivate themselves to work for the benefit of the nation and its future

We will work with unions and business to create an outcome which is mutually beneficial to the prosperity of the business and worker.

Australia since its inception has had a strong rifleman culture, we believe in strengthening this culture by adopting a Swiss based model of 'Voluntary National Service' for a period of 6-12 months, similar to our current gap year program but much larger.

Our Vision is to create an easily mobilised Infantry force within the nation. We disagree with all forms of conscription or compulsory service on the grounds that an Australian rifleman must have the will to fight for his people and that forcing service upon people is ineffective, immoral and lowers the standard of soldiering that Australia has been renown for.

Upgrades to Air and Naval power is essential for our Defence in order to maintain a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region. This will be achieved by creating a universal multi-platform capability for Aircraft, Submarine and Frigates. We would open discussions for upgrading to Aircraft Carrier capability.

We wish to implement a universal subject which prepares and teaches high school students practical skills and knowledge in regards to everyday living, to improve their understanding of Australian society. This subject would include Australian history, banking, taxation, politics and our constitution.

Our vision for the future of education is an accelerated primary and secondary system which would make way for the majority of students to finish school at 16-17 and enter trades, tafe courses and university 1-2 years earlier than the current system.

We believe this to be crucial as the modern workplace is far more competitive than it was 50 years ago, yet we are using the same timeline. More students are entering higher education than ever before and we see it as crucial they do so as early as possible while they are still in a strong learning environment at home.

We are committed to the sustainable use of our natural and mineral resources.
Our Vision for the future of Australia is a long term transition to renewable energy for economic and environmental reasons. Australia as the 'sunburnt country' must commit to be leading force in the solar industry. At the same time we must understand our growing energy needs and fulfil them in the short to medium term with the modern and efficient use of our mineral wealth, e.g Coal.

Candidate for the Senate.
Candidate for the Senate.