Our Members

Chairman: Blair Cottrell
Cottrell is a Carpenter from Melbourne, a self-educated man with a natural proficiency in writing and speaking. He first appeared in 2015 at the Reclaim Australia Rally on April 4th. From then onward he was a prominent figure in the street movement UPF and quickly became the movement's most adequate leader. He introduced to the movement a hierarchy system with an 'inner-circle' consisting of the most influential, efficient and hard-working personalities.

 Denis HuttsPrime Representative- Perth: Dennis Huts

Huts was born and raised in Perth and lived for 10 years in Sydney's Cronulla Shire. A well educated man with a bachelor's degree in Social Science, Huts has been prominent in the UPF since late 2015. “For most of my adult life I have felt a deep sense of disillusionment with Australian culture's continual slide into Marxist oblivion. When I found the UPF and their passion for restoring that which we have lost I knew I had to be a part of it. The UPF platform speaks directly to the nation's heart and shakes the foundations of the establishment to its core. Everyday I wake up excited about the inroads we' re making.”


Secretary and Senate Candidate: Thomas Sewell.tom sewell
Sewell became active in Australian politics in early 2015. He served for several years in the Australian Army and became a founding member of UPF in May 2015. Sewell is a natural economist with great ability in writing, organisation and the practice of discipline.


chris richardPrime Organiser and Head of Operations: Kris Richardson
Richardson has been involved in Australian politics since 2010, he spent most of his life in South Sydney before moving to Victoria. Kris has been described by other members as 'ruthlessly efficient', he has worked closely with Cottrell in the organisation of street rallies in 2015 and been entrusted with all major communications and tasks involving equipment and resources.


Melbourne Lieutenant and Senate Candidate: Christopher Shortis.chris Shortis
Shortis appeared on the scene of Australian politics in April 2015 and has since been an influential speaker at the UPF public rallies.“I am a patriot, and like my fellow brothers, I see the danger our nation faces. Our nation calls out for us to defend her, for the memory of our forefathers which built, fought and sacrificed everything for what we have today. It was sweat, blood and tears that gave us this nation Australia. Our heritage, culture and constitution can only be preserved with self sacrifice, dedication and honour.So I Christopher Neil Shortis swear an oath, to defend the Commonwealth of Australia, our constitution, and it laws, from enemies foreign and domestic, regardless of what the cost may be, in the same spirit of my forefathers. So help me God! My fellow patriots are my countrymen, my family, my blood and we are Australian. Rise Without Fear.”


 Brisbane Lieutenant: Scott Moerlandscott
Scott is 40 years old, married with kids, served in the Australian army in the RACT between 1995 and 2006, completed two tours of duty in Iraq & East Timor. Scott got involved in the Patriots' movement due to his military experience, extensive research into theology/eschatology as well as the influence of his brother in law, who is an immigrant from a persecuted religious minority group in Iraq.


Perth Lieutenant: Elijah Jacobson.

Eli has been an ardent supporter of the UPF since its formation. A mysterious but loyal man. His tenacity and dedication are unparalleled. He works under Huts in the Perth area.