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Fortitude is an Australian political party, born of Australia's first patriotic street movement: the United Patriots Front.

The UPF after splitting from the Reclaim Australia Committee first became active in May 2015 and has since been the most controversial political force in Australia. Originating in Melbourne, its founding members have endured constant slander and the most defamatory accusations from the mainstream press.

The UPF in the beginning took a strong and public stance against further Islamic immigration, further building of mosques etc. This sparked outrage from among the egalitarian social circles, the adherents to which can be found at any time in their dwellings: State Universities, local institutions of government, news and journalistic organs and anywhere else in Australia where there is money & influence but no real work.

And so we earned for ourselves a relentless enemy with a fanatical devotion to the global-equality concept, so fanatical that any conflict with them would strongly resemble a dispute with crazed members of some fundamentalist religion. Our members quickly learned that there was little which distinguished the egalitarian concept and its adherents from religious fundamentalism and its warriors, which is amusing when considering that these 'counter-protesters' all self-describe as 'intellectual atheists'.
These self-proclaimed socialists, anarchists, the journalists in popular media, politicians and professors of 'distinction' etc expressed all the same qualities and vices present in the character and psychological make-up of a religious fanatic, since the equality concept is nothing more than a religion - and a false one at that - a religion to replace all other religions by subjugating all the peoples of the world and bringing them under a new law of equality by force and coercion. In fact the only essential difference between the equality concept and religious convictions is, in egalitarianism the God-figure is replaced with the idea of equality itself. I shall have more to say on this subject later.
In any case this enemy has been proven indispensable for our development as a street political movement, its obsessive rantings, lack of emotional control and violent counter-protests have forced us into the faces of hundreds of thousands - or millions - of Australian people who would otherwise have never known we existed.

Blair Cottrell the current Chairman of the movement seemed to have an unusual ability to predict every accusation or method of attack made against the movement before it was made - therefore the media's attacks were always and easily countered with calm rebuttals which reinforced the conviction of existing adherents and won new supporters from among the working masses.

The movement was and is still protected against infiltration/internal subversion by the formation of a definite hierarchy, with a locked inner circle and the power of final decision residing in the Chairman.

This firstly ensures that no State subversive or troublemaker may enter the movement and wreak havoc from within, their efforts are thus always attacks made from the external - easy to predict and easy to see.

Secondly it preserves the original founding elements; the potency and purity of the doctrine and gives an appropriate status to every individual, encouraging efficiency, discipline and duty.

After numerous public rallies and demonstrations (some of the largest Nationalistic rallies Australia has ever seen), the members announced the birth of Fortitude - to create a legitimate political arm which would coincide with and provide a new ambition for the UPF's street rallies.

While Fortitude produces candidates to contest seats and pursues legitimate political power - the UPF will continue to dominate the streets with public rallies and demonstrations in the major cities and rural towns with the green and gold, creating an enormous suggestive spectacle, changing the way people feel and think about their Nation, reviving that sense of community, pride, honor and duty.

For our people and our country.

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